Time Flies But You Are The Pilot – Finding Balance Through Volunteering

Time Flies But You Are The Pilot – Finding Balance Through Volunteering

Time Flies But You Are The Pilot – Finding Balance Through Volunteering 1300 868 Cribs for Kids


The way we spend our time defines who we are. We barter our time in so many ways. We exchange time for a paycheck while sometimes not being fulfilled by the work. We give our time to our family which fulfills our need to nurture. We spend time caring for our house and our possessions while performing everyday chores. We dedicate time to hobbies hoping to enrich our minds. We spend time practicing self-care, sometimes not as much as we need. We dedicate time to having fun and being carefree, creating memories of time well spent.

But what if all of this cumulative time spent is not producing a sense of self-purpose or inner happiness? What if something is missing? How can we barter our time in such a way that we feel a sense of completion and pride? How can we achieve balance? Studies have shown that the answer lies in serving others. In the same way that small chunks of time can produce results toward a larger goal, volunteering even small amounts of your time can have a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Gifting your time can be an effective way of finding inner peace in an imperfect world.



We can find fulfillment through volunteering at every stage of life.

Volunteering with your child provides many valuable teaching moments. Knowing that there are others in this world that are struggling and coming to the realization that they have the ability to help is a powerful lesson in empathy. In volunteering, a child develops new skills that challenge them and give them a strong sense of pride upon completion. Experiencing teamwork while working with a group goes a long way to build a child’s social skills. Most importantly, volunteering alongside a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle provides valuable time for connection and the opportunity for them to view the adult in a brand new light.


Cribs for Kids’ Dave James volunteering with his nephew Jack at the Cribs for Kids’ Breath of Life Stroll.

Encouraging your teen to embrace volunteerism can greatly improve their self-esteem. Teens who volunteer gain a sense of self-purpose and come to learn that their actions, however small, can change the world they live in. Volunteering can be an antidote to pessimism and can teach teens a valuable lesson in selflessness. Teens are able to experience a real-world working environment while volunteering and perhaps even find a calling for their future career. Teens will benefit from the experience themselves as their applications for colleges and jobs are moved to the top of the pile due to their commitment to helping others.



As adults, we tend to get lost in our busy schedules. Volunteering can help us gain perspective on our own lives and can wash away everyday problems that can seem overwhelming. In volunteering, we are able to connect with our community while developing valuable new skill sets. Working together in the service of others is a fantastic way to develop corporate communities. Organizing volunteer opportunities with your office mates will not only benefit your community but will strengthen office camaraderie and promote greater teamwork. As adults, we need to embrace the role of organizer. We have a responsibility to become role models to our families and friends and create altruistic opportunities that will enrich their lives as well as our own.

Studies have shown that senior citizens that dedicate time to volunteering experience greater physical and mental health than those that do not. Volunteering gives them a sense of purpose and the social activity diminishes feelings of isolation and loneliness. Our senior citizens have gained a lifetime of experience, the wisdom and talents that they possess should be shared. Encouraging the seniors in our lives to spend time giving back can keep them active, happy and healthy in their golden years and can promote longevity.

Regardless of what stage of life we find ourselves in, the feeling you have when you serve others cannot be duplicated. Here at Cribs for Kids, our volunteers mean the world to us. As we grow, so does our need for help. Every day babies are born to families in need in the United States. Without a safe place to sleep and supplies needed to start their lives off right, these babies are extremely susceptible to perishing from SIDS or Sudden Unexplained Infant Death (SUID). We need your help packaging our Safe Sleep Survival Kits to be delivered to new mothers in need. Help us spread our safe sleep message and gain the peace of mind in knowing that you helped a baby reach their first birthday.


Members of Phi Delta Epsilon, University of Pittsburgh chapter assemble Safe Sleep Survival Kits at Cribs for Kids HQ.

Be the change that you want to see in the world! CLICK HERE to learn how your group can become a Cribs for Kids Valued Volunteer. We look forward to working with you!