Cribs for Kids At Home
Exclusive Partner Program
NOTE: This program is only for Cribs for Kids Partner agencies. If you are a parent or caregiver
in need of a safe sleeping environment for your baby, CLICK HERE.

About Our Program

Amidst our partners’ growing needs, we have created the Cribs for Kids At Home program. Knowing that your clients, who are in need of a safe sleep environment for their infants may not be able to attend education programs or pick up their cribs, Cribs for Kids is expanding its program to ship cribs directly to your client’s home.

Shipping and handling through UPS, going directly to a resident, would normally cost about $30. To assist in the current pandemic, Cribs for Kids will pick up a portion of the cost of this shipping and handling and charge you $20 per crib or safe sleep survival kit. We are calling this our Cribs for Kids At Home Program.

In addition, your clients can acquire their infant safe sleep education by accessing our Safe Sleep Ambassador Educational Program. Parents or caregivers can learn all about the importance of infant safe sleep through our online training module presentation, take the test and receive their Safe Sleep Ambassador certificate. You can request that the mothers send you a screenshot or forward you their certificate of completion to prove they have completed the educational training.

How It Works

Step 1: Online Safe Sleep Education

If you are not providing in person safe sleep education, you can use our Safe Sleep Ambassador training to ensure that your clients know all about infant safe sleep. If you are providing safe sleep education yourself, you can skip this step.

NOTE: At the end of the training the caregiver will receive a certificate of completion. If desired, you can have the caregiver forward the certificate to your organization’s established point of contact as proof that they took the training. 

Step 2: Collect Caregiver Contact Information

At first contact with a caregiver, or after you receive their certificate, your organization should collect the following contact information for shipping purposes.

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Mailing Address (Street Address, Apt/Suite, City, State, & Zip Code)
  3. Contact Phone Number 

In the resource section below, we have included a sample form and email template for you to use or model your own version after.

Step 3: Place Your Order

As a partner, you received login information for our Cribs for Kids Online Ordering Portal, log in as normal. To take advantage of this program and the shipping rate, you will need to order all products from the category called “Cribs for Kids At Home Program.”

If you are a partner and have trouble entering the portal, please contact Karli Kamerling at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To access our online ordering portal, you must first become a partner. To become a partner, complete the steps listed here:

    If you are already a partner and cannot enter the portal, please contact Karli Kamerling at

  • You will receive your invoice via the email associated with your account. For each order you will receive an individual invoice, or if you prefer, upon receipt of your first invoice, you may opt in for bulk monthly invoices.

  • No, you do not have to use our Safe Sleep Ambassador training. We simply suggest using it for those organizations who do not provide in person trainings to use as a way to ensure parents and caregivers take time to learn about infant safe sleep.

  • You can email Andrea Wilson at with the name of your client as it should appear on the document.


For more information or questions, please contact us here