Education Outreach Program

Safe Sleep Ambassador

“Each One Teach One”

About our program

One of the primary goals of Cribs for Kids® is to emphasize the importance of Safe Sleep Education and to disseminate it effectively throughout communities. To help us achieve this goal, we developed the Safe Sleep Ambassador – Educational Outreach Program.

Our program was modeled after the literacy initiative, “Each One, Teach One.” This means that one does not have to be an “expert” to spread awareness and to educate others in their social circles or communities. Once a person learns about infant safe sleep, they can pass along their knowledge to anyone in their day-to-day life.

Any organization or individual can be a Safe Sleep Ambassador. For organizations, we ask that you disseminate the safe sleep message to your staff and clients during your daily activities. For individuals, we ask your commitment to share the infant safe sleep message with at least three people in your life such as family, friends, and community members. We ask that all of our Safe Sleep Ambassadors share their knowledge with anyone interested in promoting the health, safety, and well-being of infants.

how it works

  1. Register online
  2. Take the online training  Once you pass the training with a 90%, you will be awarded a certificate. Please be sure to download this certificate. Once you have downloaded your certificate, please email the document to Andrea Wilson at
  3. Become a Partner to order or download your educational materials
  4. Begin educating your clients, friends, family, or community members
  5. Have your trainees take the Safe Sleep Pledge on the Safe Sleep Academy. 

Educational Materials

  • Safe Sleep Ambassador Buttons (Preview Below)
  • Safe Sleep Ambassador Certificates (Preview Below)
  • Safe Sleep Pledge Card
  • Safe Sleep Flip Chart / PowerPoint
  • ABCs of Safe Sleep – Helping Every Baby Sleep Safer Brochure
  • Safe Sleep Ambassador Starter Kit – Includes 10 of each item above and 1 flip chart.

Download the educational materials or product order form in the Resources section below. 

Become an Ambassador

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Safe Sleep Ambassador Training

To get your Safe Sleep Ambassador certificate, review the training below and take the quiz at the end. You must score a 90% or better to pass the quiz and earn your certificate.

Remember to download or save your certificate as it will need to be submitted below as proof of completion of the training. 

*Safe Sleep Ambassador Training with Audio coming soon*


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You and the people you train can visit our free online educational resource, the Safe Sleep Academy to view our Safe Sleep Video Library, Click Here!


Andrea Wilson at or call 888-721-2742 ext. 4