Virtual Breath of Life Stroll

New Partner Fundraising Opportunity

Virtual Breath of Life Stroll

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Cribs for Kids is excited to announce a new partner fundraising opportunity.

Each year in Pittsburgh, Cribs for Kids hosts our annual Breath of Life Stroll Fundraiser. And unfortunately, this year, due to the ongoing pandemic, we have had to cancel our in-person event and make the transition into a virtual experience.

This year, we are excited to open up the virtual stroll to our partners so that they can fundraise for their local Cribs for Kids programs.


Step 1: Register online as a team and create a customized team fundraising page for your organization.

Step 2: Share your team fundraising page with your supporters and on your social media accounts.

Step 3: Encourage your followers to join your team, donate, and share your page to raise funds for your program.

Step 4: After the stroll, all funds raised by your team will be placed into your organization’s funds on file. Then those funds will be applied to your next orders until they are depleted.

This year, we are going to be walking throughout the month of October to raise awareness of Pregnancy and Infant Loss as well as infant Safe Sleep.  Every $60 that you raise can provide a safe sleeping environment to a family in need. If your organization is the top fundraising team, Cribs for Kids will donate ten (10) free Cribettes to your organization.

Registration is now open, and we hope you will walk with us.