National Public Safety Initiative

About our program

What began as Cops n Cribs has grown into the National Public Safety Initiative that includes partnerships with first responders such as fire departments, ems, police departments, probation and parole officers, and coroners.
The mission of first responders is to help keep children safe. For infants, the number one cause of death is due to unsafe sleeping environments, which result in sleep-related deaths such as accidental suffocation and sudden, unexplained infant death (SUID). In an effort to better protect infants, law enforcement agencies and first-responders are partnering with Cribs for Kids® to expand their community policing and outreach policies to provide safe sleep education and free portable cribs to families in need.
Join the mission to help reduce infant sleep related deaths by first becoming a C4K partner.  It is easy to become a Cribs for Kids partner…just complete the partner application and sign our Trademark License Agreement. This license agreement allows you to implement our tested programs with full use of our standardized forms and Cribs for Kids® name and logo. Partners also gain the ability to order their safe-sleep materials at our discounted prices. Our staff will work with your organization on ways that you can implement this program that will lower your community’s infant mortality rate by bringing safe sleep to your area.

how it works

This is a logical partnership because first responders will see situations that are dangerous for infants long before social service agencies might. If we can get a crib to a family that needs one, we might save that baby’s life. We are asking first responders, in the course of their duties, to keep their eyes open for infants who do not have access to a safe sleeping environment.

Five simple steps to this program

  1. Become a Cribs for Kids partner
  2. Educate first responders
  3. Have cribs at the station
  4. Be on the lookout for a baby without a crib
  5. Offer a crib when seen fit


We offer educational tools to ensure this partnership is a success.

In the toolkit you will find: educational training materials including videos and powerpoints, program resources that include brochures and handouts, a train the trainer module, a section on caregiver education, and information on how to place an order on our Cribs for Kids Store.  To gain access to the toolkit, please complete the form.

National Public Safety Initiative Resource Toolkit
To gain access to the toolkit, please complete the form below. Once you submit you will receive a confirmation email that includes the password to the toolkit.
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First Responder Training Video
Caregiver Instructional Video
WSCJTC Safe Sleep Roll Call Training
Send us a patch to be displayed on the Cribs for Kids National Public Safety Initiative Wall. Cribs for Kids collects patches from participating departments all over the country to be displayed for all of our visitors to see. 
Mail your patch to: 
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Bridget Gaussa at 412-322-5680 ext. 8