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Attention New & Returning Hospitals
In March 2022, Cribs for Kids released updates to the Hospital Certification Program.  These updates are outlined in the March 4th, 2022, Hospital Notes Newsletter which is available in the Hospital Certification Tool Kit.
If your hospital began its hospital certification journey prior to March 2022 updates, certification applications may be submitted until June 1, 2022, using the earlier guidelines.
*Note that all certified hospitals are expected to meet March 2022 requirements with their 2023 Annual Report.
To access the tools for the earlier guidelines, which include the Ten Steps Guide, Narrative Guide, and Policy Rubric, go to the “Apply | Virtual Site Visit” in pink menu box to the right.
Beginning 6/1/22, all submitted applications must follow the March 2022 requirements. 

About our program

Cribs for Kids’ National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification program recognizes hospitals and hospital systems for their commitment to infant safe sleep to reduce the risk of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), Accidental Suffocation and Strangulation in Bed (ASSB), SIDS, and unsafe sleep injuries. The program confers a bronze, silver, and gold designation to hospitals that model and teach infant safe sleep according to current American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) best practices outlined in the Cribs for Kids Certification Manual and Hospital Certification Toolkit. Program rigor is developed according to the most current AAP evidence-based policies and consultation with medical experts from the AAP Safe Sleep Task Force.

  • No Fee
  • 5 Year Certification
  • Requires Submission of Annual Reports and Recertification Application

Achieving certification is a rewarding objective that promotes in-house and public safety, unites your healthcare team, and elevates your hospital’s reputation within the community. This success will be experienced and recognized by staff, leadership, and community members alike.  Achieve your certification to distinguish your organization at a local and national level.

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getting started

The Quick Guide serves as a snapshot of the process for hospitals to achieve Infant Safe Sleep Certification.  Refer to the Cribs for Kids’ Infant Safe Sleep Certification Manual and Hospital Certification Toolkit for comprehensive criteria, details, and support.

Bronze Requirements

  • Implement hospital or hospital system-wide Infant Safe Sleep Policy.
  • Deliver safe sleep healthcare team member training to nursing staff caring for patients less than one-year-old.
  • Provide safe sleep education to family/caregivers of infants less than one-year-old.
  • Provide safe sleep education on the hospital website.
  • Hospital-wide imagery must meet AAP compliance.

Silver Requirements

  • All Bronze Requirements
  • Hospital-wide wearable blanket distribution: In-house use AND/OR gifted to infants less than one year.
    • Alternative initiative to wearable blanket distribution: implement house-wide safe sleep education to every hospital employee.
  • Implement Quality Improvement Initiative via unit-based Safe Sleep compliance audits.

Gold Requirements

  • All Bronze and Silver Requirements
  • Identify at-risk family/caregivers in need of infant safe sleep spaces and distribute safe sleep spaces before discharge.
  • Engage in a minimum of 2 community outreach initiatives to educate the community on infant safe sleep.

Hospital Systems

System-level certification is available! Hospital systems can become certified through the creation of a system-wide infant safe sleep policy.  This option still allows individual hospitals within the system to certify at their care level.

System-wide certification must schedule a conference call with Cribs for Kids before submission. To request a conference call, visit the Hospital Certification Contact Us Page.

Map of Certified Safe Sleep Hospitals

Note: The location finder search function displays 12 hospitals at a time. 

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