Barbara Clemons COVID-19 Memorial Fund

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On April 17th, 2020, we lost a cherished member of the Cribs for Kids family to COVID-19. Tragically, Barb’s mother…

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Gee’s Other Girl – By Cheri Curtis-Oldham

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This story was submitted to us by Cheri Curtis-Oldham. Cheri lost her granddaughter, Alice Sophia, to Sudden Unexpected Infant…

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Staff Spotlight – Karli Kammerling

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After receiving her Bachelors in Software Engineering, Karli concluded that returning to the classroom to pursue a Masters Degree…

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Staff Spotlight – Devon George

302 413 Cribs for Kids

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new Director of Education and Outreach starting this month at…

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Staff Spotlight – Nicole Smith

676 900 Cribs for Kids

It was an easy and logical choice to hire Nicole Smith to take over as Director of Business Operations…

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Staff Spotlight – Kristina Barkley

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Cribs for Kids has been growing and with that growth came the glaring need for a new hire to…

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5 reasons to Attend the 2019 Cribs for Kids National Safe Sleep Conference

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Approximately 3500 infants die each year in the United States from sleep-related deaths including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)…

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Staff Spotlight – Dave James

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Whether filling orders for shipment or diving right in to help unload a container, Warehouse Coordinator Dave James is…

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7 Tips for Baby Bedtime Success

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When encountering brand new parents, people’s first reaction always seems to be, “Well I bet you are getting absolutely…

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A Walk to Remember – The 10th Annual Breath of Life Stroll

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It is hard to pin down exactly what makes Cribs for Kids’ Breath of Life Stroll so special. It…

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Girl Power

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While speaking about Cribs for Kids at her church, our Director of Program Development, Bridget Gaussa, met an extraordinary…

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Staff Spotlight – Cindy Mols

1000 667 Cribs for Kids

This May, Cindy will celebrate her 9 year anniversary as Product Distribution Coordinator at Cribs for Kids. At a…

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