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Cribs for Kids Wearable Blanket Program
Exclusively for Safe Sleep Certified Hospitals

Cribs for Kids is offering deeply discounted pricing on both our Swaddlette, and our wearable blankets, the Snoozzzette , exclusive to hospitals participating in our Safe Sleep National Hospital Certification Program. This special hospital pricing is another way we support hospitals and their commitment to SIDS/SUID reduction and modeling infant safe sleep. Wearable blankets are recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics as they cover baby’s body without any risk of covering baby’s head.

Snoozzzette Wearable Blanket

The Cribs for Kids Snoozzzette™ is a wearable blanket available in premium microfleece or cotton that provides an alternative to loose blankets that could pose a safety hazard

❤ Bell-shaped design allows baby to kick their feet and wiggle their arms
❤ Sleeveless to help reduce the risk of overheating
❤ Soft, gentle, and comfortable on baby’s skin
❤ Zipper guard helps prevent rubbing and keeps little hands away from the zipper


❤ 100% cotton
❤  “ABC Alone on my Back in a Crib” Messaging
❤  Available in Spanish


❤  “ABC Alone on my Back in a Crib” Message on the chest
❤  Available in two gender-neutral colors: mint-green (left) and cream
❤  Available in Spanish


❤ Newborn- Fits a baby from 0-3 months
❤ Small- Fits a baby from 0-6 months
❤ Medium- Fits a baby from 6-12 months


The Cribs for Kids Swaddlette™ creates a snug, womb-like feeling to help keep baby asleep and to reduce the startle reflex.

♥ Designed with the Safe Sleep Message incorporated directly onto the fabric!

♥ Adjustable wings provide a snug fit.

♥ Secure hook and loop closures provide ease of use and a snug adjustable fit.

♥ 100% Cotton

Samples are available for ordering. For more information

Snoozette Pricing

If your hospital is Safe Sleep Certified or pursuing Safe Sleep Certification, our Snoozzzette is available at the exclusive hospital price of $10.00 per piece (plus shipping). This is a $5.99 discount on our partner price of $15.99, and less than half the price of our direct to consumer price. With a minimum 3,000 piece order, the fleece Snoozzzette can be customized with the hospital’s name for an additional $1 per piece.

If your hospital is interested…

Connect with us at Email questions about ordering samples, available inventory, fulfillment timelines, and shipping. Please note: The wearable blankets are ONLY available for gifting to new babies delivered at your hospital. They are not to be stocked/sold in the gift shop, or deployed as linens.