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Application Preparation

The Cribs for Kids’ Infant Safe Sleep Certification Program awards hospitals nationwide. Because in-person site visits are not performed, hospitals are evaluated via virtual reporting demonstrating safe sleep practices.  

Applications contain multiple-choice, free-text answers and the upload of supporting documents. These required documents are outlined below.  

Review current AAP recommendations and the Cribs for Kids’ Safe Sleep Certification Manual before submission to ensure compliance, promote completeness and reduce application processing times. 

Required Documents

  • Submit the Hospital Infant Safe Sleep Policy and all related policies
  • Submit Hospital Produced Supporting Documents – Submit all hospital or locally produced materials related to the hospital Infant Safe Sleep Initiative. Materials produced by a known national entity such as Cribs for Kids, NICHD, or other state approved materials are to be reported by not required to be uploaded. Hospital produced supporting documents to be uploaded include but are not limited to:

Healthcare Team Member Training: written materials, PowerPoints, modules.
Family/Caregiver Education: written materials, videos, acknowledgment forms, noncompliance forms, EMR documentation, handouts, posters, and displays.
Safe Sleep Assessment: Assessment tool to learn if baby has a safe sleep space.
Wearable blankets: education materials, third-party funding documentation.
QI & Unit Audits: Audit tools from all participating units, annual compliance rate reports, EMR documentation.
– All Employee Hospital Wide Training: Document 85% completion or interventions to achieve.
Safe Sleep Assessment & Distribution: Assessment tools, third-party funding documentation.
Community Outreach: written materials, mass media, or social media posts, screenshots or links.

  • Files may be Word documents, PDF, PowerPoints, videos, screenshots, or pictures.
  • Name files appropriately to assist organization.

Certification Application & Management Platform

Effective January 2023, Cribs for Kids partnered with Submittable to provide an application and management platform for our National Infant Safe Sleep Hospital Certification Program.

Submittable allows hospitals to:

  • Create individual logins with tech support for password recovery 
  • Submit applications for individual hospital or system-wide hospital certification programs.
  • Submit required annual compliance reports for hospitals awarded five-year designations. 
  • Submit required annual reports that include an upgrade to Silver or Gold (must be submitted within the first two years of certification).
  • Save progress to complete and submit at a later date
  • Invite collaborators to assist with completing the application(s)

Submission review times vary and may take 2-4 weeks. You will be notified via Submittable ‘Messages and email when the review form is available on your account.

  • The review form may request clarification and a follow-up response.
  • Once your follow up is received, allow an additional 2-4 weeks for re-evaluation.

Certification Maintenance

Once a hospital earns a five-year safe sleep designation, hospitals are expected to demonstrate ongoing compliance at their awarded level. The following is expected of all certified hospitals and is done so via Submittable.

  • Annual Compliance Report – Submitted during the hospital’s anniversary award month at the ends of years 1-4.
  • Optional Upgrade Level of Certification – Available at the end of years 1 or 2, submitted as part of the annual compliance report. 
  • Report Changes in Primary or Secondary Contacts – Update Submittable account email address with changes of primary contacts. Scroll down to the gray box at the bottom of the page for more information on how to change your contact information within Submittable. 
  • Apply for re-designation at the end of year 5 – This is separate from annual compliance reports and is an application for your next 5-year designation.

Review the Certification Manual for details.

Enter Submittable

If you experience technical issues, email Submittable Tech Support here.
If you already have an account and need password recovery, visit here.

How to Change Your Primary Contacts In Submittable

Users can update the email address associated with the account within the Profile Settings. Then, the new user can request a password update to gain access. The following article details how to change the associated email address:How can I change the email address associated with my Submittable account?

If the new user does not yet have a Submittable account and the old user does not need access to the whole Submittable account any longer, we can make the necessary changes so that all existing communication stays intact. If Submittable needs to make this change, please provide the following information:  

  • The name and email address of the initial submitter. 
  • The title of the submission and what form it was submitted on. 
  • The name and email address of the new point of contact 

If the new user already has a Submittable account or if the original user needs to keep their account, Submittable can move a submission from one account to another existing account. Please provide the same information bulleted above if a submission needs to be moved to a new account.

Please note, the message history on the submission that is moved to a new account will be lost after the change is made. To keep messages, users can copy all necessary messages to a separate document before the change is made.