A Clear Path Forward – Honoring Our Angels

A Clear Path Forward – Honoring Our Angels

A Clear Path Forward – Honoring Our Angels 1142 674 Cribs for Kids

Partnership Spotlight – Charlie’s Kids Foundation

Judy Bannon and Judy Rainey honor Eileen Carlins at the Charlie’s Kids Foundation Annual Golf Outing and Angel Walk

During the drive back from the Charlie’s Kids Golf Outing and Angel Walk in Louisville, Kentucky, I found myself reflecting on a speech that my dear friend and Cribs for Kids staff member, Judy Rainey gave at the event. While honoring her beautiful son Joe, who passed away of SIDS, Judy said, “I wish I had never met anyone here, but Joe’s death brought some of the finest people I’ve ever met into my life, and I thank him for that.” I thought about all of the people that have been brought into my life through this work and sent a silent thank you to all of their angels as well.

Sam and Maura Hanke with Kate Desmond, friend and Charlie’s Kids board member.

Sam and Maura Hanke are among the most inspirational, passionate people that I have had the pleasure of meeting on this journey. After tragically losing their three-week-old son Charlie to SIDS, Sam and Maura knew that their journey to healing would include a calling to educate others on safe sleep practices. On what would have been Charlie’s first birthday, they established Charlie’s Kids Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to safe sleep education and SIDS outreach.

It occurred to Sam and Maura that an effective time to capture the attention of the caregiver would be during the bedtime routine. Sam and Maura commissioned Dr. John Sutton, a pediatrician and author, and illustrator Leah Busch to create Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug. This engaging book is the perfect bedtime read, and serves as a reminder to keep your little one safe during sleep. Unlike traditional educational brochures, this adorable book can be shared with your baby, promoting early literacy and creating special memories.

Angel signs posted along the 18th fairway at the annual Charlie’s Kids Golf Outing.

The annual Charlie’s Kids Foundation Golf Outing was held on May 21st. The weather was perfect for a day of golf, but nothing could outshine the main attraction. On our walk to the 18th fairway, we experienced the Angel Walk. What a beautiful reminder of the reason we were there together, enjoying the day. Each sign, a tribute and reminder of a life that touched countless others in such a remarkable way. With every step forward, and life honored came a deepening feeling of peace and a reaffirmation of our collective mission.

Receiving a shipment of Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug board books for distribution in our Safe Sleep Survival Kits.

Upon arriving at the office, after the long drive home, I popped my head into the warehouse. I was just in time to see a large shipment of Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug books being delivered to Cribs for Kids. What a perfect ending to this inspiring road trip! We are honored to include these books as a part of our Safe Sleep Survival Kit. This kit is the perfect gift for a mother to be, and a wonderful way that you can help us all support our mission of preventing infant sleep related deaths.

Charlie’s family honoring him at the Charlie’s Kids Golf Outing and Angel Walk.

Thank you Sam and Maura for hosting a fantastic event, and a special thank you to Charlie for inspiring your family to bring us together on this day to help us honor our angels!

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