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July 2018

Staff Spotlight – Cindy Mols

1000 667 Cribs for Kids

This May, Cindy will celebrate her 9 year anniversary as Product Distribution Coordinator at Cribs for Kids. At a…

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Staff Spotlight – Bridget Gaussa

589 900 Cribs for Kids

As Cribs for Kids’ Director of Program Development, Bridget Gaussa is the ultimate multi-tasker. Overseeing all programs and leading…

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Staff Spotlight – Barbara Clemons

346 390 Cribs for Kids

Of the original five ladies depicted in our book, Five Ladies and a Forklift, Barb Clemons would be the one…

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Staff Spotlight – Andrea Wilson

960 768 Cribs for Kids

Andrea Wilson is described by her co-workers as smart, empathetic, kind-hearted and always willing to help. Andrea started as an…

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Staff Spotlight – Eileen Carlins

485 278 Cribs for Kids

  Our most valuable resource at Cribs for Kids has always been our dedicated staff. We are very fortunate…

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