Find a Crib

How to request a crib in your area

Cribs for Kids supports families in need around the nation to obtain a separate safe sleeping space for their baby. To serve communities nationwide, we partner with local agencies to distribute Cribs for Kids Cribette Portable Cribs to their communities. If you or someone you know is in need of a safe space to sleep for their baby, search on the map below to find the closest Cribs for Kids Partner in your area. 

  • Crib Limits: 30 pounds, 35 inches 
  • Eligibility Requirements 
  • Financial Need 
  • Infant age 12 months or younger 
  • Receive Safe Sleep Education

Image Above: Cribette Portable Crib

Find a Crib Provider

Obtain a Cribette portable crib from a Cribs for Kids Partner in your area.  

  1. Type your zip code to search the map. 
  2. Review list of partners in your area. Each partner will display contact information and will indicate if they distribute cribette/pack ‘n play.  
  3. Call to connect with the partners in your area so they may further assist or provide local information on where to find support.    

Trouble Obtaining a Safe Sleep Space

If your infant does not meet requirements  or if there are no available partners in your area, we recommend you connect with local program and resources. These may include:  

  • Healthy Start 
  • Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies  
  • County or State Health Department  
  • Clinic/doctor where you receive pre-natal or pediatric care  
  • Hospital where you delivered your baby or plan to deliver  

Residents of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, PA Area) 

The Cribs for Kids program is in all birthing hospitals in Allegheny County, PA. If you are delivering your baby at a hospital in Southwestern PA,  

  1. You will receive safe sleep education.  
  2. You will be asked if you have a separate safe sleep space for baby. 
  3. If you are in need, you will be given a Cribs for Kids Cribette portable crib before you are discharged from the hospital. Ensure proper education for use is provided.