Jeans Day

Jeans Day

Jeans Day 1600 1062 Cribs for Kids

How can your company get involved?

  • Hold a fundraiser to benefit Cribs for Kids® – such as a “Jeans Day/Dress Down Day”, corporate walk, or company luncheon and encourage your co-workers/ employees to get involved.
  • Encourage your co-workers/employees work as a team by giving back to their community by volunteering to help organize an event.
  • Support your employees by offering a matching gift plan.
  • Leverage your clients, vendors and media partnerships to help achieve your goals.
  • Become ‘Safe Sleep Ambassadors‘ and help spread raise awareness by distributing our brochures, or promoting Cribs for Kids® in your organization’s newsletter, website, or e-mail blasts and other social media.

Jeans Day

Companies and organizations are invited to participate in a jeans day by allowing co-workers/employees to wear denim or dress down in exchange for a donation to Cribs for Kids®. Each employee who donates $5.00 will receive a ‘Jeans Day – It’s for the babies sticker or a Safe Sleep Ambassador metal button for a donation of $10.00 or more. For more information please view the → participation packet, which includes information about stickers, buttons, and posters that will help promote your jeans days.

Company Luncheon

Organize a luncheon at your company or a dinner at a restaurant or hotel. Recruit upper level management and executives to serve as waiters or servers and invite employees to be their guests. Try to get the food and beverages for the event donated. Or do an office potluck; get co-workers to bring a covered dish of their favorite food to an employee potluck. You can charge an admission to sample these dishes. Or set up an inexpensive snack bar. Everyday employees purchase snacks (even within the entire building, not just your dept. or office) –sandwiches, chips, cookies, juices and soft drinks, with all the proceeds going to your goal.

Corporate Walk

This is not only a great way to raise donations for Cribs for Kids® it’s also a great way to get outside and exercise! The distance and challenge level of the walk course can be designed to you. Each walker is asked to reach a fundraising goal of $25 or more. All participants receive a bag lunch (or catered) and refreshments at the end of the walk. The highest fundraiser gets to take possession of the traveling company trophy and keeps it until the next year’s walk.


Andrea Wilson at or 412-322-5680 x104 to order supplies at no cost.