Wings for Cassie

In Loving Memory of Cassandra Suzanne Holmes
11/11/12 – 1/26/13

Our daughter, Cassie, died suddenly and unexpectedly when she was just 2 months old.  She was beautiful and perfectly healthy yet her life was abruptly cut short.  

The Healing Hearts bereavement services provided by Cribs for Kids was instrumental in the beginning stages of our grief journey.  Cribs for Kids provides safe sleep materials to families in need and safe sleep education to caregivers and the medical community all with the goal of helping every baby sleep safer.

As part of our journey in honoring Cassie’s life, we aspire to help in saving other babies and families from the tragedy of SIDS.  We appreciate your help in raising funds for Cribs for Kids through the Breath of Life Stroll to support the organization in continuing their work.  

We are fortunate to have an awesome support network.  Together we will raise more money for Cribs for Kids than we ever could alone!  The donation process is fast, easy and secure. Thanks so much for your support… and please don’t forget to send this page to any friends you think might be interested in donating!

Wings for Cassie Team Total

Wings for Cassie Supporters

Patricia Geiser – $50.00 (11/12/2018)
Susan Holmes – $100.00 (8/21/2019)
Jamie Ford – $50.00 (8/29/2019)
Tonya Cantoni – $50.00 (8/29/2019)
Jessica Coleman – $15.00 (9/4/2019)
Chad Varner – $25.00 (9/4/2019)
Patricia Geiser – $25.00 (9/4/2019)
Justin Holmes – $300.00 (9/4/2019)
Patricia Geiser – $50.00 (9/8/2019)
Jennifer Stevens – $100.00 (9/9/2019)
Darla Beer – $600.00 (9/13/2019)
Peg Holmes – $50.00 (9/17/2019)
Mary Ellen Carey – $25.00 (9/18/2019)

Patti Helsel – $25.00 (9/18/2019)
Jessica Faish – $100.00 (9/18/2019)
Justine Keltz – $10.00 (9/18/2019)

Donate to Wings for Cassie

One hundred percent of the proceeds raised by Wings for Cassie will be donated to Cribs for Kids to help keep babies sleeping safely.
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