UPMC Health Plan Maternity Program

Our maternity program focuses on helping our members have a safe journey into motherhood. This journey begins before conception with nutrition, self-management of chronic health conditions and living a healthy lifestyle. It continues with appropriate prenatal care, identification of risk factors, and the prevention, early identification, and treatment of complications. The ideal outcome is the delivery of a healthy full-term infant and a healthy postpartum period in a supportive environment. The UPMC Health Plan Maternity Program offers support to women enrolled in all applicable UPMC Health Plan insurance products. An experienced maternity nurse serves as a health coach throughout the continuum of a woman’s pregnancy including the postpartum period. Our program staff link members to appropriate resources to support mom during their pregnancy and the postpartum period (self and infant care, breastfeeding support, screening and referral for postpartum depression treatment). UPMC Health Plan is an active partner with the Cribs for Kids organization to provide a safe sleep environment to our members for their infants.

UPMC Health Plan Maternity Program Team Total

UPMC Health Plan Maternity Program Supporters

Diana Byas – $50.00 (8/20/2019)
Laureen ONeill – $25.00 (8/29/2019)
Victoria Vukelich – $50.00 (8/29/2019)
Marian Yavorka Jobe – $20.00 (8/29/2019)
Carla White – $25.00 (8/30/2019)
Kimberly Rosenwald – $25.00 (9/6/2019)
Margaret Chaouk – $25.00 (9/6/2019)
Kimberly Ketchel – $50.00 (9/9/2019)

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One hundred percent of the proceeds raised by UPMC Health Plan Maternity Program will be donated to Cribs for Kids to help keep babies sleeping safely.
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