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On February 11, 2013, Areanna was born at 6 lbs 10 oz. She became a little sister to Madison and made proud parents of two little girls. She never cried, was always happy. She read a book every night with her mom to her big sister; throughout the day watched Madison play with amazement in her eyes. Arey went to the museum at just a few weeks old and went with mommy on very long strolls. She went to the park and even down the slide, but have no fear, Madi was by her side! She loved Oreos we must admit. Arey had her first drive-in movie, laying in the back of the truck all of us so happy to have her lil’ butt! Even saw a bellydance show. But we didn’t stop there, we camped in Ohio. There we went to an amusement park, where she had her first ride. Went to a hatchery and fed the fish you see. But our time was coming short, we didn’t know so soon. On your last day of life, mom took her to the pool. She loved to splash and play.

And as that day come to end, she rested her head upon mom’s breast, and one last smile before off to bed. June 2, 2013, God took a stroll through his flower garden, he chose to pluck one of his most beautiful flowers for his own.

Your passing will not be in vain. Every breath I take, every step I take, your name will live on. Please donate or join our team in  Areanna’s loving memory. I hope you never have to own this pain of losing a child, and that is why we will raise awareness. Even if we can save one baby, one mother’s soul from breaking, my heart will be at ease.

Bless you, all and thank you!

Beth and Madison

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One hundred percent of the proceeds raised by Team Arey will be donated to Cribs for Kids to help keep babies sleeping safely.
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