New York Matching Mini-Grant

Cribs For Kids/SIDS Association of New York's Matching Mini-Grant Program

Cribs For Kids/SIDS Association of New York’s Matching Mini-Grant

The SIDS Association of New York recently closed their doors. Because they were familiar with the great work Cribs for Kids is doing, providing safe sleeping environments to families in need, they very generously donated their remaining funds to us.

It is our belief that Cribs for Kids is only as strong as our partners.  Since funding is one of our primary concerns as we try to sustain our programs, we thought it was only fitting to take the funding that we received from The SIDS Association of New York and pass it on to you in the form of mini-grants.  We welcome you to submit an application for a grant, which will be distributed to Cribs for Kids® Partners from New York who are in good standing and who have a signed Trademark License Agreements on file. Grants will be limited to $2,500 and will be matched by you, the Awardee.

One of the caveats of this mini-grant program is the ability of the applicant to acquire $2,500 in matching funds either from their organization or a community partner.  In other words, if you apply for the $2,500 mini-grant, we are asking you to show proof that the matching funds will be available by the time the safe sleep products are delivered in November, 2018.

Safe sleep product deliveries will be comprised of $5,000 worth of Cribettes @ $49.99, and portable crib sheets embossed with our safe-sleep message @ $7.50.  The $5,000 will also include the shipping costs. All of the product will arrive at your location in one shipment.

The grant funds that you receive will enable you to provide our Cribette and portable crib sheets embossed with our infant safe-sleep message to families who could not otherwise afford a safe place for their infants to sleep.  By accepting the mini-grant you will also be required to supply the Cribs for Kids® National Office with a completed Demographic Card for each participant in the mini-grant program.