Mr. Take Out Bags

We are a family-owned company based right here in Pittsburgh’s North Side. We specialize in retail and food packaging and we sell to companies all over the country. When we decided we wanted to do our part and give back to the community, Cribs for Kids was an easy choice. We support their efforts in providing education and materials to keep babies safe and families happy. We are very excited to have our team participating this year at the Cribs for Kids Stroll!

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One hundred percent of the proceeds raised by Mr. Take Out Bags Team will be donated to Cribs for Kids to help keep babies sleeping safely.
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Mr. Take Out Bags Team Total

Mr. Take Out Bags Team Supporters

Jesse Harster – $50.00 (8/29/2019)
Susan Bolinski – $100.00 (9/5/2019)
Scott Barthelmes – $100.00 (9/5/2019)
Evelyn Kurianowicz – $50.00 (9/6/2019)
Jeffrey Holmes – $100.00 (9/9/2019)
Jamie Sinclair – $25.00 (9/9/2019)
Janet Mattern – $25.00 (9/13/2019)
Julia West – $25.00 (9/18/2019)