Letisha’s Walkers

In memory of Letisha Anne Ufolla
November 20, 1988 – December 20, 1988

My daughter, Letisha, was only a month old when she passed away. She was a beautiful, healthy, happy baby. When she died, I lost a part of me I would never get back. I buried the loss for years, then I worked with Cribs for Kids. They were so supportive and made me realize I should be grieving and remembering Letisha.

So in honor of Letisha, we started our team to help other families. The money raised helps parents learn about safe sleeping and will provide a safe place to sleep. They also work closely with the medical community.

We are so fortunate to have a great organization to help support us in remembering our loved ones. We appreciate your help in raising money for this wonderful organization!

If you would like to help us remember Letisha, please donate to Cribs for Kids! Please share this page with friends and family.

Thank you for always supporting our team,


Letisha's Walkers Team Total

Letisha’s Walkers Supporters

Pamela Malicki – $50.00 (9/8/2019)

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One hundred percent of the proceeds raised by Letisha’s Walkers will be donated to Cribs for Kids to help keep babies sleeping safely.
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