Virtual Site Visit & Applications

Attention New & Returning Hospitals
In March 2022, Cribs for Kids released updates to the Hospital Certification Program.  These updates are outlined in the March 4th, 2022, Hospital Notes Newsletter which is available in the Hospital Certification Tool Kit.
If your hospital began its hospital certification journey prior to March 2022 updates, certification applications may be submitted until June 1, 2022, using the earlier guidelines.
*Note that all certified hospitals are expected to meet March 2022 requirements with their 2023 Annual Report.
To access the tools for the earlier guidelines, which include the Ten Steps Guide, Narrative Guide, and Policy Rubric, scroll down to the “Cribs for Kids Updated Requirements” section on this page. 
Beginning 6/1/22, all submitted applications must follow the March 2022 requirements. 

Welcome New & Returning Hospitals

Review the Virtual Site Visit Process & Submit an application
On this page you will find:
  • Virtual Site Visit Process
    – Safe Sleep Policy
    – Site Assessment Report
    – Supporting Documents
  • Before & After Submission Tips
  • Submit Application
    – Initial Certification
    – Recertification

Cribs for Kids 2020 Requirements

Hospitals beginning their Cribs for Kids’ certification journey before March 1st, 2022 may submit according to previous requirements until June 1st,2022. Skip to Submit Application section. Note that all certified hospitals are expected to meet March 2022 requirements with their 2023 Annual Report.

Beginning June 1st,2022 all submitted applications must follow new requirements.  If you are a new or returning hospital and have not yet started your application, review and submit according to the new requirements outlined in Virtual Site Visit section.

Access tools for previous requirements here. This includes the Ten Steps Guide, Narrative Guide, and Policy Checklist.

Virtual Site Visit

The Cribs for Kids’ Infant Safe Sleep Certification Program awards hospitals across the nation. Because in-person site visits are not performed, the evaluation of hospitals seeking initial, and recertification after 5-years is achieved via Virtual Site Visit. The Virtual Site Visit requires submission of documentation demonstrating the hospital’s infant safe sleep initiative. Documentation to be submitted includes the hospital Infant Safe Sleep Policy, a Site Assessment Report and supporting documents.

Review the Certification Manual, Hospital Toolkit along the following documents to ensure application completeness, reduce delay, and support your hospital’s pathway to certification.

Required Documents

1. Hospital Infant Safe Sleep Policy

Hospital-wide or system-wide infants safe sleep policy incorporating current AAP guidelines, elements of the Cribs for Kids’ Safe Sleep Policy Rubric, and Cribs for Kids’ Certification Manual.

If elements are incorporated in separate hospital policies, submit all related policies.

2. Site Assessment Report

Outline hospital practices and efforts to meet compliance according to AAP recommendations, Cribs for Kids’ Infant Safe Sleep Certification Manual, and the Cribs for Kids’ Safe Sleep Policy Rubric. Hospitals are to conduct the Site Assessment and submit the Site Assessment Report with Initial Certification, Recertification, and Upgrade Certification applications.

  • The Site Assessment Report PDF is provided below.
  • Complete the sections that correspond with the desired level of certification.
  • All Certification levels must complete sections: Hospital Overview, Healthcare Team Member training, Family/Caregiver Education, and Hospital Website.
  • The Site Assessment Report must address all supporting documents uploaded with the application. Supporting documents discussed below in detail.
  • See Certified Hospital Portal for Upgrade Application and requirements.
  • Annual Reports do not require Site Assessment Reports, see Certified Hospital Portal for requirements.

3. Supporting Documents

Any local or hospital-produced materials utilized to support the hospital infant safe sleep initiative.

  • Examples include but are not limited to the following:
    • Healthcare Team Member Training: written materials, PowerPoints, modules.
    • Family/Caregiver Education: written materials, videos, acknowledgment forms, noncompliance forms, EMR documentation, handouts, posters, displays.
    • Wearable blankets: education materials, third-party funding documentation.
    • QI Initiative: audit tool, annual compliance rate reports, EMR documentation.
    • Safe Sleep Assessment & Distribution: third-party funding documentation.
    • Community Outreach: written materials, mass media or social media posts, screenshot or links.
  • Training and education materials from National Educational Agencies do not require submission. Identify and report national education agency materials in the Site Assessment Report.
  • Files may be word documents, PDF, PowerPoints, videos, screen shots, pictures.
  • Upload and name files appropriately, address each Supporting Document file in the Site Assessment Report.
  • Creating Appendices for documentation organization is optional.

What You Need to Know Before & After Submission

Before Submission Tips

The application does not support “Save & Return” functions and must be completed in one session. Applications require the following to be reported:

  • Designated Primary and Secondary Contact information.
  • Hospital Information.
  • The representative submitting for safe sleep certification must attest the following has been completed:
    1. Review of the Certification Manual and Certification Toolkit.
    2. Review of the Safe Sleep Policy Rubric.
  • If you are not able to attest, submission must be postponed.
  • Upload Safe Sleep Policy, Site Assessment Report, and Supporting Documents.

After Submission Tips

  • Upon submission, a confirmation message will be received.  (If the confirmation message is not received, ensure all fields have been properly completed.)
  • All complete submissions will be reviewed within 30 days.
  • The primary and secondary contacts will receive the application review, response to the review must be received within 2 weeks.
  • Applications are expected to close within 90 days, extensions available on a case-by-case basis.
  • Any application remaining open longer than 6 months may require updated site assessment information.
  • Hospitals not submitting annual reports or recertification applications within 60 days of deadline will be placed in provisional status.

Submit an Application

Submit the appropriate application according to hospital status as a new or returning hospital.

If you experience technical difficulties submitting, complete the required fields of the application page and email the documents separately to

Initial Certification

This application is for hospitals or systems applying for designation for the first time.


This application is for hospitals or systems re-applying for designation.