Rachel’s Little Lambs

In Memory of Rachel Lynn

Rachel Lynn Romasco was born on July 3, 1986. We called her our little firecracker; she was a very healthy, loveable baby, who was loved by many. On August 7, she passed away from SIDS. During our time of mourning, Chuck and Jan Puskar, the founders of the organization, helped us through the grieving process.

Looking back, S.I.D.S. of PA helped us greatly in our time of need. Therefore, we walk in Rachel’s memory, both to help support Cribs for Kids and to support others who have mourned such a devastating loss.

Below are two poems written by Rachel’s family: Aunt Judy and cousin Deb.

Rachel Lynn Romasco

Such a dear little bundle
Sent from heaven above
It made us so humble
And we surrounded her with love.

She captured our hearts
Right from the start
So soft, sweet and precious
She will always be with us.

Sweet Baby Rachel

Little Rachel Lynn
Has surely been
To all who loved her
A blessing within

Your very essence
Is always in our presence
Dear Little Rachel
We know you’re happy in the heavens

Oh, Baby Rachel
You are terribly missed
You’re in our hearts forever
We loved you little darling

Little Rachel Lynn
Has surely been
To all who loved her
A blessing within

Rachel's Little Lambs Team Total

Rachel’s Little Lambs Supporters

Katherine Lynch – $30.00 (8/2/2019)
Rachel Glass – $10.00 (8/2/2019)
Donanne Seese – $20.00 (8/2/2019)
Joss Castor – $25.00 (8/3/2019)
Charlie Thayer – $40.00 (8/20/2019)
Michelle Sinagra – $25.00 (8/21/2019)
Brittany Janectic – $25.00 (9/10/2019)
Christopher Pietrzyk – $20.00 (9/10/2019)
Colleen Burns – $50.00 (9/12/2019)
Amber Romasco – $50.00 (9/15/2019)
Janice Senovich – $50.00 (9/15/2019)
Sarah Burns – $50.00 (9/15/2019)
Monica Cannon – $40.00 (9/19/2019)
Linda Romasco – $100.00 (9/19/2019)

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