Certification Manual

The first step toward certification requires the review of the Cribs for Kids’ Infant Safe Sleep Certification Manual.  The Certification Manual illustrates comprehensive criteria and requirements for implementation & reporting. This guides efforts to achieve and maintain each level of the Infant Safe Sleep Certification. Criteria have been established according to current AAP evidence-based policies, policy statements, reports, and consultation with medical experts from the AAP Safe Sleep Task Force. Ensure hospital safe sleep policies and practices incorporate the outlined criteria and meet compliance.

Next Steps

  1. Review criteria according to the desired level of certification.
  2. Visit the Cribs for Kids Hospital Certification Toolkit for resources to assist the development and maintenance of your infant safe sleep initiative.
  3. Implement changes to policies and practices to meet compliance in categories applicable to the desired level of certification.
  4. Visit the Cribs for Kids Virtual Site Visit and Applications webpage to review the application process and submit an initial or recertification application.
  5. Visit the Certified Hospital Portal webpage to access resources, update contact information, and submit Upgrade Applications.